Some project requires creativity. A friend of mine needed to have a WIFI setup to cover his 8 Acres camping. I jumped on the occasion since I wanted to learn how to setup this kind of infrastructure using equipement that could be good but not too expensive. I used 4x Rocket M2 w/ 90deg. 16dbi antenna and 2x NanoBeam M5 w/ 16dbi antenna The 2 NanoBeam are used as point-to-point to connect the main office to the central area where the 4 Rocket M2 will be installed as Access Point for the client to connect to.

For the DHCP server, I used a flashed D-Link model 601-A1 with a DD-WRT Firmware. I used a Network. The “normal” DHCP service from DDWRT only support leases of 254 address so I’ve disabled the DHCP Server and I’ll be using Dnsmasq. I set it up to have the first 20 addresses “unleasable” from dhcp pool, this gives me room for expension.

DDWRT Settings

IP : /22
Name : RTR-WRT
LAN Network DHCP off
DNSmasq : dhcp-range=lan,,,720m

Ubiquiti NanoBeam M5 Settings

NanoBeam M5 Settings :
IP : /22
Name : WRL-Nano1
Network Mode : Bridge
Wireless Mode : Station
WDS : Enabled (Disable if your using different vendors)
AirMax :Enabled (Disable if your using different vendors)

Ubiquiti Rocket M2 Settings

IP : /22 
Name : WRL-Rock1
Network Mode : Bridge
Wireless Mode : Access Point
WDS : Enabled (Disable if your using different vendors)
AirMax : Disabled (Proprietary protocol)
Channel Width : 20Mhz
Channel Frequency : 2.412Mhz (Channel 1), (use non-overlapping channels)

I’ll be glad to help you out if you have any questions.